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Our Approach

Our philosophy is to avoid techno-fixes that come at high price tags with minimal reward. We look at processes and organizational ecosystems as a whole to create meaningful business improvement. Our services have a human-centered approach for computer systems integration and managed services.

Our Story

Interstructure LLC is a husband and wife partnership in California’s Inland Empire. Both consultants in the science and technology fields, they saw consistent problems in their respective roles that could be solved by a consulting company who used a systems-based approach to remedy technological issues.

Meet the Team

Anastasia Ortiz

Founder & CEO

Anastasia is a data science and workforce development consultant specializing in software implementation, database development, and technical training. She is passionate about demystifying STEM fields and increasing digital literacy.

Derrick Ortiz

Founder & COO

Derrick has over 15 years of experience working as an IT project management consultant focusing on affordable systems improvements and user accessibility. What drives him is making technology less stressful for people who want to make a difference in their communities.

Next Steps…

Check out our latest projects and meet the companies we’ve worked with.


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